In light of the news yesterday in which the MLB voted to eliminate collisions at home plate (which for the record we are pretty bummed about), we decided to compile a list of videos highlighting some of the most brutal collisions in recent memory to happen at the dish. While there are plenty of monumental collisions over the years that haven’t made it to video, here are a handful that did.

10. Eric Bruntlett and Yadier Molina (2008)

An unpleasant moment here as the Cardinals backstop Yadier Molina takes a throw on the first base side of home plate from Chris Duncan and as he swings back around to tag Bruntlett, receives an unexpected blow to the back of the head. In a scary sequence resulting from the collision, Yadi ends up getting put on a stretcher and removed from the field via cart as the Cardinals fans chant his name.

9. Mat Gamel and Jason Castro (2012)

The burly first baseman of the Brewers, Mat Gamel, makes a break for home plate after first baseman Carlos Lee catches a ball in foul territory with his back to the plate. As “El Caballo” turns and throws to catcher Jason Castro, the bang-bang play at the plate results in Gamel showing no mercy for the young Astros catcher.

8. Shane Victorino and Brian McCann (2008)

In what is another collision resulting in a scary head injury, the usually shifty Flyin’ Hawaiian decides that in this instance, the only way to home plate is through veteran Braves catcher Brain McCann. As McCann lay motionless for 10 seconds, Victorino rushes back to the catcher to make sure he is alright. With some help off the field from his medical staff, McCann ends up walking away with only a mild concussion.

7. Desmond Jennins and Lou Marson (2013)

The most recent collision on this list, Desmond Jennings tries to beat out an infield chopper to third basemen Lonnie Chisenhall. Right as catcher Lou Marson receives the throw, he is greeted with an absolutely vicious blow from the Rays center fielder. After Marson takes a couple minutes to collect himself, the ex-football player and stout catcher declares himself alright and proceeds to stay in the game.

6. Chipper Jones and Eric Kratz (2012)

The 40-year-old Hall of Famer, Chipper Jones, rounds third on a blooper into center where center fielder John Mayberry comes up throwing an absolute laser to catcher Eric Kratz. What transpires after is one of the most barbaric examples of a collision as both men come to brute impact standing straight up. The veteran and lifelong Atlanta Braves third basemen has no regard for his aging body or for Kratz, as Chipper lays a mean forearm shiver to the Phillies catcher. In impressive fashion, both men instantly shake off the collision and get back to baseball.