It’s not easy to make it to rock star status in the music industry. Even some of the world’s best musicians had to play countless shows at tiny venues before they could rock house on some of music’s biggest stages. Fortunately for us, there were people smart enough to bring video cameras to those performances.

early off ramp

Nirvana at a Radio Shack (1988)

Pearl Jam’s first show at the Off Ramp Cafe in Seattle (1990)

Rage Against The Machine’s first ever show at Cal State Northridge (1991)

The Beastie Boys as a punk band (1983)

The Ramones (1974)

Green Day at a high school recess (1990)

Pink Floyd at a London nightclub (1966)

The Beatles at a small Liverpool club (1962)

The Who at a hotel bar (1964)

Guns n’ Roses acoustic performance in Hollywood (1986)

A 17-year old LL Cool J at Colby College in Maine (1985)

Soundgaren at a small Seattle tavern (1986)

The Strokes at a grocery store (2000)

U2 on Irish TV as teenagers (1978)

Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy at Howard University’s homecoming (1995)

Eminem at a high school talent show (1991)

50 Cent early freestyle (1999)

Rihanna performs as 15-year old (1998)

Oasis rehearsal (1992)

Destiny’s Child performs in a backyard as 11-year olds