Sports IllustratedThis week’s cover of Sports Illustrated features an action shot of Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota making a play while wearing only one shoe. What’s puzzling about the photo is what’s going on in the background, as the uniform Mariota is wearing is the one the Ducks wore during their showdown with the Washington Huskies on October 12th — a game played at the newly renovated Husky Stadium in Seattle. Considering the game was marketed as a “blackout”, everyone in the stands was clad in a mix of deep purple and black.

However, on the magazine’s cover, you’ll notice a sea of yellow instead, indicating somebody in SI‘s art department Photoshopped out all traces of Husky colors and replaced them with Duck colors. You’d think SI would have at least one photo of a leading Heisman Trophy candidate playing in his home stadium, right?