There are certain people you don’t want to sit next to on planes; people with babies, overly obese people and crazy people. This woman qualifies as the latter. Apparently this irrational lady went bonkers on a flight to Tampa, frightening all of the passengers with her insanity. This lunatic went up and down the aisle telling passengers to pray for dead mother and then when she returned to her seat she began hysterically screaming “God You’re My Savior” for twenty minutes straight. While ranting the unfortunate passenger sitting next to her attempted to calm her down to which she responded, “Don’t f*cking touch me,” then continued her “God you’re my savior” rant. Once she realized her swear word may have offended her God she apologized and shouted, “Sorry God.” Flight attendants instructed people to not allow her out of her seat. This is definitely not what you want to hear at 37,000-feet in the air. Like how am I supposed to watch the on-board movie of “We Bought A Zoo” with all this raucous?