Gisele Bundchen’s horribly kept secret is out via some pictures snapped of her in Costa Rica yesterday.  Either she’s got a new penchant for burritos or she’s carrying yet another spawn:

It was first reported back in May that Gisele and her slightly popular husband Tom were expecting another baby.  Gisele, who grew up with five sisters, said previously that she would like to have a big family with Tom, who has three sisters.

‘I’d be lying if I said no” to wanting a lot of kids,’ she said in 2007.

The busy model has won new contracts with Versace, Givenchy, the Bank of Brazil and Salvatore Ferragamo in 2012 alone.

Congrats to Gisele and, I guess, to Tom…even though I hope he gets knocked out for the season on the first play of training camp.

via Daily Mail