You have got to love covering by a half a point. Thank you Vegas gods! When last we met the Miami Heat pulled off one of the best comebacks of the year against the Indiana Pacers in South Beach, however, the Pacers still managed to cover by a half a point. MAGICAL! I am still unsure how the Pacers let that game slip, or how the Heat came back, but it was one of the best games of the season and it makes me yearn for the Eastern Conference Championship even more. One more point from the game that I wanted to make very quickly. If the Pacers are going to advance to the NBA Finals the biggest reason why isn’t going to be Paul George or Roy Hibbert. It’s going to be because of Lance Stephenson. His energy and aggressiveness is infectious and he may be one of the 10 most exciting players to watch on a night in and night out basis in the NBA. Ok, time to gamble.

Mavericks -6 v. Raptors

Dallas is 11-2 at home and are facing a Raptors team that has absolutely zero identity. Let’s keep this simple. The Mavericks are an overachieving team that has a solid nucleus of players that can go off on any given night. The Raptors are heavily dependent on Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry and Amir Johnson, which means that they need a great game from two of the three of them to compete on any given night. Not going to happen in Dallas. Mavericks by 10. 

Heat -10 v. Kings

The King versus the Kings. Miami is coming off its best win of the season and should be able to take down the Kings in Miami with relative ease. I know that that the Kings have fared relatively well against the Heat in past years but I don’t quite see it tonight. Miami by 14.

Hawks -7.5 v. Jazz

I’m going to continue betting against the Jazz this entire season. Especially on the road. Let’s keep this simple. Paul Millsap is going to have an enormous game against his old team and the Hawks are going to roll. Hawks by 12.

Season: 15-13-1

P.S.  I like the Over in the Bucks-Cavs game (191) and the Sixers +6 against the Nets.


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