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New York Jets star quarterback Aaron Rodgers unfortunately only played four snaps last season before rupturing his Achilles tendon. This led to Rodgers taking a laughably low amount of performance-based pay last season which he likely wishes he never even received.

Every player who steps onto the field earns a certain amount of performance-based pay from the NFL. The system itself is in place to reward players who may be on a lower salary, but played quite frequently for their respective team.

Naturally, you would expect that Rodgers’ performance-based pay would have been very low considering he only play four snaps on the year.

But the figures are actually quite laughable, as nearly every American working a 9-5 job likely received more money in a single day of work than Rodgers did in the entire season off of his performance-based pay alone.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Rodgers received $81.14 through the league’s performance-based pay system, which is the lowest of any NFL player last season.

You heard that correctly… $81.14, which probably wouldn’t even cover the cost of Rodgers going out to dinner on most nights.

Obviously this figure isn’t an area of concern for Rodgers. He still of course received $38 million from the Jets despite his injury. But regardless, fans got a good laugh at this insanely low amount of money he received from the NFL from his play last year.

Considering the absurd amount of money that Rodgers has made over the course of his NFL career, he could likely care less about this just over $80 from the NFL. But for other obvious reasons, Rodgers is surely hoping that he can play more than four snaps in the upcoming 2024-25 season.

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