Outside of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh, no is as eccentric as LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron. Orgeron is a walking, talking quote machine. He can be tough to understand at times, but he is football personified in a person.

It has come to the attention of many that closed captioning technology may not be ready for him. As coach of a major team, he is going to be in many press conferences. Youtube closed captioning has Orgeron saying some absolutely wild things.

Closed captioning aside, it would be pretty impressive to be at a Rotary meeting, and Orgeron is there. It is fun even trying to think of what he is saying here.

As someone who relies on closed captioning a bunch, this has me wanting to double check what is being broadcast to me. This might just be one case where man is better than a machine, stick with manual transcribing rather than artificial intelligence.

If you’re interested in deciphering the video yourself, you can do so here:


[Busted Coverage]

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