Tristan Thompson can’t claim he didn’t cheat on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian since the Cleveland Cavaliers forward was caught on camera getting cozy with two girls.

TMZ released footage of Thompson in a club with two women who were not Kardashian. The video, recorded October 7, 2017, when Kardashian was three months pregnant with the couple’s child, shows Thompson make out, motorboat and get real touchy-feely with the two unnamed women.

It’s not the only trouble Thompson is in off the court, as he was photographed entering a hotel with a woman from a nightclub at 5 AM. Make your own assumptions.

Obviously, there’s no good time to cheat. But, cheating on your pregnant girlfriend is pretty damn low. Unless there’s some sort of agreement where they can sleep with other people, this might spell the end of the Thompson-Kardashian relationship.

Khloe’s also set to give birth in less than a month, so, yeah, Tristan’s fun is over.


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