The Duke Blue Devils are going to have one of the most disgusting freshman classes in the history of NCAA basketball in 2018-19. The player that caps it all off is Zion Williamson. He is a one-man wrecking crew and is insanely talented. He is the type of player when his school travels to another city for a game, that city shuts down. Everyone wants to see him play and his ceiling is unbelievably high.

During his most recent high school basketball game, Williamson was relentlessly heckled by an adult. First off, it is bizarre that you would go to a high school game to just taunt someone. Is that all you have to do with your life?

Luckily for Williamson, he doesn’t let the haters get him down. In fact, he destroys this heckler with one smooth move.

Zion SALUTES the heckler ? @zionlw10

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He salutes the heckler, and we can only assume that this burn sent this adult baby to another dimension. Holy Moses. Williamson plays with a lot of passion, and it shows in this short clip.

As Duke tries to find it’s rhythm down the stretch this year, fans still get to look forward to Williamson next year. Regardless of what happens during March Madness, Williamson is a nice consolation prize to look forward to for those fans.


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