ESPN Deportes reporter Marcelino Fernandez was doing a live hit at Club America training, which he thought would be like every other. However, 30 year old Colombian striker Darwin Quintero had other, more interesting ideas.

Quintero wasn’t far away from nailing Fernandez in the back of the head, but sans the little flinch from the reporter, he just keeps on going. Look at his reaction again, though. He’s clearly scared, but he never turns around, or stops reading his report. While these are days in which journalists and reporters are unfairly treated by many, this isn’t a good look for Quintero, or the club. And speaking of which, the club announced they will internally punish Quintero for this gimmick.

There’s no mention of what the punishment will be, and Club America apologized to both Fernandez and ESPN for what happened.

Who knew that live shots at soccer training were so dangerous?

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