During Wisconsin’s 34-24 win over the University of Miami Hurricanes, there was plenty to be excited about. You could go with the physicality that the Wisconsin Badgers demonstrated over the Hurricanes or you could go with the newfound swag found by the Badgers.

Swag in Wisconsin? You bet your bottom dollar.

Wisconsin on multiple occasions celebrated with the ripping of the turnover chain off of their own player. It officially killed the turnover chain.

How can you come back from such a scolding? The Badgers are all about smash mouth football and simple play. Then they straight up stole the Hurricanes swag.

To make matters worse, normally boring Badgers head coach Paul Chryst got in on the action. If you can read lips like I can, Chryst says, “Turnover chain my f***ing a**.”

This comes from a place that does cheese curds and says “ope” all the time. There is no coming back from this and Wisconsin now is the most swagged out college football program.

[For The Win]

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