The Browns are Browns’ing harder than they’ve ever Browns’ed before after blowing a 14 point second half lead against Green Bay yesterday. If there’s any consolation, it’s that Josh Gordon looks like his old self again after battling the demons of substance abuse and overcoming them to get on the field. After four catches for 85 yards last week against the Chargers, he nabbed three catches for 69 yards and a TD against the Packers, mostly matched up against corner Damarious Randall.

The matchup was testy on the field and got even testier afterwords in words with the media. When Randall was asked about playing against Gordon, he didn’t really seem to think much of Gordon, or how he got back on the field.

“He had one catch. Any more questions?” he quipped. Obviously he had three, and one of them was for a TD, and certainly, Gordon noticed.

Josh Gordon is showing no mercy, and let’s be fair to him: after everything he overcame to get back on the field, and the fact he has to play for the worst run franchise in American sports, he has the right to be a bit salty after hearing a comment like that.

But Randall certainly thought he went too far:

And that’s a little bit below the belt, Damarious. In two games, Gordon has made a significant impact for the Browns even with DeShone Kizer at QB, and if he was playing with someone like Brett Hundley perhaps, or even Aaron Rodgers, how much better would his stat line look?

Point to Gordon, though all of this is, like most feuds through the media and social media, pretty silly.


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