ARLINGTON, TX – JANUARY 12: Quarterback Cardale Jones #12 celebrates as running back Ezekiel Elliott #15 of the Ohio State Buckeyes scores a 33 yard touchdown in the first quarter against the Oregon Ducks during the College Football Playoff National Championship Game at AT&T Stadium on January 12, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

There are an awful lot of viral sports tweets. People get attention for all sorts of comments on the games themselves. One tweet made the entire nation point and laugh collectively. Of course, we are talking about Cardale Jones’ famous “school” tweet. It also turned into one of the most poignant criticisms of an age-old institution, the NCAA.

Jones sent this tweet before he took the nation by storm with his strong play as the quarterback at Ohio State eventually leading them to a national title win against Oregon. But it brought up a valid point nonetheless, why the hell are athletes associated with school? The billions of dollars they are worth in valuations should make players more outspoken.

It is only made more ironic after Joe Burrow, the current backup quarterback at Ohio State, pointed out the idiocy of the current set up this year.

There is money to be had and billion dollar contracts moving around like candy yet these athletes get free tuition and tiny perks. It doesn’t make much sense and in most cases, these student-athletes didn’t come to the school for the academics. They are there for the athletics and mixing the two only muddies the water leaving fans in an area with no clarity.

Jones started a discussion but other than that, no action has been taken. It feels like it is just a matter of time.


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