PGA professional and all around good time John Daly knows how to get his name in the news. It hasn’t always been about his golf game and it hasn’t always been for the best accomplishments either.

This time, we can celebrate Daly for a fun activity he participated in and apparently does quite often. Daly is singing karaoke and the man has songs that can be called old standbys.

He is in New York for the Dick’s Open and he has decided a rollicking good time is in-store. It appears that one of his songs is “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” which is a classic for anyone but Daly feels like the perfect person to sing it.

One would think that a single karaoke session would be enough for a normal man but Daly isn’t a normal man.

Going over to his Instagram stories, you can see that he wasn’t done. He would go on and sing “Purple Rain” which of course was sung by the late Prince. Heck, he even did it last week too.

The guy loves to sing.

Daly is around to have a good time and because of it, we are all better for it. You have to respect the way he lives his life.

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