Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow is known all over for having attributes that most athletes don’t have. He cares for his fans and is deeply religious. Making him an appealing figure to multiple demographics.

After moving from football to baseball, Tebow has been fodder for the media. Any time that a Tebow jab can be thrown in, people will do it.

For whatever reason, it doesn’t affect who he is as a person. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Tebow with a simple “hello” can change an old lady’s day.

Twitter user Danny Terp, asked Tebow to say hi to his grandma, Miss Margaret, and her reaction is more than priceless. According to Terp’s tweet, his grandma had a stroke and the smile was the biggest he has seen since that happened.

I am not saying Tebow is a savior but he does appeal to the masses, he brings joy to the masses and he seems to perform miracles with regularity. The ball is in your court to prove me wrong.

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