Wrestling and basketball go hand in hand, right?

The celebration for the Cleveland Cavaliers continued the day after they took down the Warriors in Game 7, as people continued to either praise or hate on the newest NBA champs while laughing at Skip Bayless. One of the biggest honors that came from outside of the organization, however, had to be from the WWE, who made a new championship belt the Cavs’ honor. Triple H’s Twitter was there to show it off.

That’s a pretty quick turn around, considering the Cavaliers had only won Game 7 just hours before. This also further strengthens the apparent bonds between sweaty men shooting balls and sweaty men grabbing, as SB Nation recently reported on Kevin Love chugging beers in an Austin 3:16 shirt.  Remember, kids: that means he just whooped your ass.


Is it possible to see more NBA/WWE crossover in the future? It already happened when John Cena and LeBron James made a movie together. Maybe Kristaps Porzingis can teach Kane the sky hook, or the Rock could bodyslam Adam Silver. Just some thoughts.

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Photo: WWE