Rob Gronkowski was a stripper for a night in college, because of course he was.

The Patriots tight end joined “Conan” on Tuesday night, where he explained how one night he found himself stripping in front of countless women cheering him on (poor guy). He was just supposed to be providing security for his college friend, who was hired to be the stripper for a bachelorette party, when things got taken to another level.

“Every lady there was giving me shots. They were making me drink their beers. So I was participating. I was getting wasted on the side. My friend, he didn’t drink in college so he was always the driver too, so it worked out perfect. And then there were like 35 women around in a circle. Next thing you know I’m feeling good and they were cheering for me. Cheering for me. And I’m like ‘I’m good.’ Next thing you know they kept cheering so I kept feeling it more. Next thing you know I’m taking off my tie. Unbuttoning my shirt. Taking my pants off, I’m in my boxers only. And I kept giving out lap dances to these ladies.”

Gronk tells the full story below, and it’s hilarious:

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