If this year’s All-Star voting has proven anything, it’s that people still really, really want to see Kobe Bryant.

The Los Angeles Lakers star, who is averaging 16.3 points per game on 34.5 percent shooting, led all players with 1,891,614 fan votes, besting second-leading vote-getter Stephen Curry by over 200,000 votes. Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard make up the rest of the Western Conference All-Star starters. Amusingly, Zaza Pachulia, a professional basketball player who reportedly plays for the Dallas Mavericks, managed to garner the sixth-most amount of votes in the West with 768,112, besting the likes of Draymond Green, Chris Paul, Blake Grifin and Klay Thompson.

As for the Eastern Conference, things were a bit more predictable. LeBron James grabbed the most amount of votes with 1,089,206. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony will join LeBron in the front court, while Dwyane Wade and Kyle Lowry will man the back court.

Outside of Kobe inevitably lofting up five ill-advised threes, the lineups look like they should provide some quality entertainment.

Western Conference

Stephen Curry
Russell Westbrook
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant
Kawhi Leonard

Eastern Conference
Kyle Lowry
Dwyane Wade
Carmelo Anthony
Paul George
LeBron James