New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis may have inspired a rap song after he was drafted but his inspiring play has led to this amazing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” parody trailer that highlights some of the thunderous dunks that Porzingis has thrown down so far in his rookie campaign.

Still, the best part about the “trailer” is definitely the scrolling plot synopsis at the end. Hopefully, the new Star Wars movie is as intriguing as this parody’s script for Porzingis suggests.

Episode 2015-16

A New Season

The Dust Has Settled from the Tank Rebellion

Despite failing to achieve their ultimate goal of the first overall pick, the Knick empire strikes gold on Planet Latvia recruiting a young Jedi by the name of Kristaps Porzingis.

Just eight games into his career, Kristaps has already mastered the ways of the force — as he is 1 of just 2 humans in the entire galaxy currently leading their planet in rebounds, blocks, AND steals.

No one has ever seen anything like this. The days of the sith are no more. His power has no bounds.

The Porzingod isn’t just coming…

… he’s here.

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