On Thursday, Judge Richard Berman delivered the latest chapter in the undying Deflategate saga by reversing Tom Brady’s four game suspension. The ruling found parts of the NFL’s decision to suspend Brady four games to be “fundamentally unfair.” The resounding decision is just the latest in a string of courtroom losses for Roger Goodell.

Of course, while people had varying takes on Tom Brady having his suspension overturned (with all Patriots fans heralding the decision as a fifth Super Bowl victory and all non-Patriots fans heaving a heavy sigh of disappointment), the reaction to Goodell getting rebuked once again was decidedly more universal.

Yeah, Roger Goodell isn’t the most popular person in the world at the moment. No matter how one feels about Tom Brady, ideal gas laws or Deflategate, nothing unites Twitter like the incompetence of The Commish. Check out some of the best takedowns of Goodell below and take comfort in knowing that these are likely to be just as relevant when the league office appeals Judge Berman’s decision.

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