As a part of Tom Brady’s ongoing war with the NFL over whether he was involved in the manipulation of footballs, the NFLPA has disclosed a bunch of Tom Brady’s personal emails, including a few that centered on Brady’s storied rival Peyton Manning.

In a correspondence with his childhood friend Kevin Brady, that was sent on November 1st, 2014, Brady stated that he believes that he can play for another seven or eight years while Manning has two years left in him.


Amusingly enough, the Patriots played the Broncos a day later, on November 2nd, and crushed Denver by a score of 43 to 21.

After that drubbing, Brady received an email (that could honestly double as a sports radio hot take) from Jay Flannelly where Flannelly remarked that Manning “needs things perfect to succeed” (presumably unlike Tom Brady, who definitely doesn’t need his footballs prepared a certain way on game day or anything like that) and Brady didn’t argue with Flannelly’s conclusions.


Deflategate may be an insane circus made up of Roger Goodell’s ego and Brady’s stubbornness but the fact that it keeps producing entertaining gem after entertaining gem like these emails has made the whole saga worth it.