Behold Sacramento, this is what Nik Stauskas, a top-10 protected pick, and the right for the 76ers to swap firsts in two other drafts, gets you in the Vivek Ranadivé era. You get a second-string center in what is now a backed-up frontcourt in Kosta Koufos, three wings who struggle defensively and taking their defender off-the-dribble in Marco Belinelli, Caron Butler, and Omri Casspi, and a point guard who shot 45 percent from the free throw line.

The Kings were going to get railed no matter what they did this free agency. And with Cousins growing increasingly frustrated with the front office, Vivek might have thought he needed to make a move before his star player split. But by trading away their draft picks, Sacramento is essentially mortgaging more of its future to pay Rondo $9.5 million. Worse yet, the Kings outbid exactly zero people for the opportunity to overpay him.

The Kings future essentially looks as united as the direction they’re all facing. Nice outfit Rondo, and enjoy the next season Kings fans.


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