Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson isn’t just a baller from the streets of Brooklyn, he’s a rapper. And rappers have to drop tracks, so that’s exactly what Born Ready did. He dropped his newest single, “Poppin” feat. King TeeRoy, on Audiomack Saturday.

Prepare yourselves Doc Rivers and Chris Paul, Stephenson is bringing is bringing all of this, to you guys next season.

And if you liked that, it gets better. He released a music video after he signed his three year, $27 million deal with the Hornets last season, and the production quality is pretty good too.

This is what Clipper fans and teammates will be dealing with next season. I’m all for Born Ready pursuing his rap career though. If the whole basketball thing doesn’t pan out — which it honestly might — he has his rap career to fall back on I guess.

[Sporting News]

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