It doesn’t take a media guru or seasoned movie buff to figure out why we love artificial entertainment, particularly movies and television shows. The intoxicating depiction of fictionally real events through both charming and heinous characters gives consumers something to ponder, fixate upon and wrestle with. Among those characters are those that commit horrific crimes, mutter offensive comments and engage in promiscuous behavior.

Despite their indiscretions and lawless acts, we still love them, as said by Director Paul Haggis during his explanation of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar for fictional Entourage movie, Medellin:

What I want is that even after the audience sees you ruthlessly slaughter, like, a thousand people, I still want them to care. I want them to care so much, that when you die they fuckin’ weep. They won’t want to, they’ll hate themselves for it, but they will fucking weep.

Here are 11 movie and television show characters that you should hate but actually love, starting with our arrogant friend from Washington, Francis Underwood.