Michael JordanPublic Policy Polling released the results of a recent sports poll, and the results are SHOCKING. Okay, just one result is shocking. Out of 1,471 respondents, 34% think Michael Jordan could take on LeBron James 1-on-1 and beat him. Not prime MJ, mind you, but 52-year-old MJ who smokes cigars and plays golf every day.

…despite his being 52 years old, 34% of NBA fans think Jordan could beat James one on one now– as in the year 2015- to just 54% who think James would win despite being in the prime of his career.

The same poll showed overwhelming support (77%) for His Airness as the greatest player of all time (LeBron received 14% of the vote on that subject), but to think he’s walking on a court and taking LeBron 1-on-1 right now is sheer lunacy.


(Disclaimer: Yes, the image is a photoshop job — a cool one, at that. But, we live in a world where a significant group of people believe MJ could beat LeBron if they met in a gym this afternoon. Hence, this disclaimer.)