It would have taken a tremendous effort and a handful of perfect bounces for West Virginia to upset Kentucky in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night, ones that WVU freshman Daxter Miles was apparently expecting. His prediction that the Wildcats would finish the season with a 36-1 record after a loss to his team was heard everywhere, including the Kentucky locker room, who apparently didn’t appreciate the ballsy guarantee.

For those that missed the game, you missed an absolute demolition by Kentucky, one that started 18-2 and finished with them winning by 39 points, 78-39. The game was never within reach for West Virginia and they were completely outplayed, out-schemed, and out-hustled the entire night, sending them home in embarrassing fashion. Although the loss itself would’ve been embarrassing enough, the added heat from Miles’ comments made things even worse and Kentucky wanted them to be aware of it:

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Weber/USA Today Sports via Reuters