The “long-awaited” and “much-anticipated” showdown between hated rivals Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart took place last night during Monday Night Raw.

Things appeared to be going about as well as one could anticipate. Stewart cracked some jokes. Rollins boasted impressively and didn’t seem intimidated by Stewart’s “160 pounds of dynamite.”

Luckily for Stewart, as he was about to be manhandled, Randy Orton showed up and distracted Rollins just long enough to give Stewart time kick Rollins in the one place where every single one of his 160 pounds could do the most amount of damage.

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Wisely, rather than waiting around to see what Rollins would do to him after the cheap shot, Stewart escaped as quickly as his feet would allow. In the heated battle between the WWE’s Seth Rollins and The Daily Show’s John Stewart, the first fight goes to… Jon Stewart.

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