The “feud” between the WWE’s Seth Rollins and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took another turn on Thursday when Rollins was interviewed by TMZ Hollywood Sports.

Earlier in the week, Rollins made an off-hand comment during a WWE match how he could make The Daily Show “watchable.” Stewart responded by uploading a video of his own, where he warned Rollins that he was “160 pounds of dynamite” who was not to be trifled with.

So, when TMZ Sports got the opportunity to speak with Rollins, the man didn’t back down from Stewart’s challenge. Unsurprisingly, Rollins didn’t seem intimidated at the prospects of fighting the 52-year-old comedian at all, noting that Stewart “has to be a fossil” and that “there’s nobody on the WWE roster who can touch me, let alone Jon Stewart.”

Demonstrating that he also has a pretty slick sense of humor, Rollins got off a good burn when he was informed that Stewart was actually a “standout” soccer player in his college years:

“Oh, a soccer player. Ok, well that’s a little bit different than what we do. People think that we take falls, look at soccer players.”

Rollins did admit that Stewart is “one of the most intelligent men in television” and, judging by his Twitter, he seems open to also meeting Stewart on his own turf.

Enough dancing, let’s get this showdown started already.