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The Patriots caught the sports world off-guard by announcing a surprise press conference at Gillette Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Bill Belichick took the podium to once again defend his team and deny having any knowledge of playing with underinflated balls during last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Belichick affirmed that he put in a significant amount of time learning about footballs & their texture, air pressure, and other scientific things that most of us probably have no clue about. He also stated that the team had conducted an internal investigation throughout the week to try to understand what had happened.

He could not, however, avoid falling into the trap of some hilarious #balls quotes.

But he did make time for a ‘My Cousin Vinny’ reference! (h/t The Big Lead)

Before ending the presser, Belichick said this is the last time he wishes to talk on the subject for a long while, which basically translates to “Screw you all, we’re on to Arizona. Don’t bring this up again.”

I, for one, am very cool with that idea.