Noted Canadian/bandwagoner/obnoxious person Justin Bieber took in a Clippers game Monday night at Staples Center. He was treated to a 127-101 beat down of the Minnesota Timberwolves, after which he invaded the Clippers’ locker room to let them know that he is now their new #1 fan. Joining him in the locker room was The Gronk, who someone dared refer to as “soft”.

Those poor Clippers, don’t they know that once you let Bieber into the locker room it’s game over? That locker room is essentially an Indian burial ground now, as the stench of Bieber’s bandwagon ways is going to linger all season. Might as well burn everything in there and start over. It’s the only way rid yourself of the curse.

As for Gronk, if he blows out his ACL next week, he only has himself to blame. Align yourself with the Biebs and you’re just asking for it.