76ersMany professional sports teams have promotion deals with various food vendors (mostly fast food), where if a certain criteria — a win, a point total — is met, fans in attendance can redeem their game ticket stub for a freebie. An example of this is when the Chicago Bulls score 100 points at a home game (coupled with a win), which always leads to cheers from the crowd because “FREE BIG MACS FOR EVERYONE!!!”

This season, the Philadelphia 76ers teamed up with Papa John’s to offer fans 50% off a pizza after every win. Well, the currently winless Sixers probably aren’t going to win many games this season, so forget 50% off — Papa John’s isn’t getting any business. To remedy this problem, PJ’s has changed the promotion to something a little more manageable: if the Sixers just score 90 points, then it’s 50% pizzas for everyone. And that includes scoring 90 points in a loss.

pjspromotionHere is where we remind you that Papa John’s is shitty pizza and you should not eat it. In fact, if you think about it, the Sixers have been doing their fans a favor. Unfortunately, Papa John’s just wants to shove pizza down their throats.