While Cam Newton has his hands busy trying to keep his Carolina Panthers in playoff contention, an effort which is still somehow feasible despite the Panthers’ 3-7 record, he’ll have to remember a new Twitter password as well.

The Carolina Panthers confirmed that Cam’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday.

The funny thing is that the fact the hack happened IS the most notable thing to happen out of the hack of Cam’s Twitter. Whatever hacker got ahold of Cam’s account didn’t even try to do anything really clever with it. Indeed, some of the tweets were damn close to being completely innocuous.

Even the one attempted “troll” attempt of Richard Sherman was pretty weak.

Cam’s taking enough of a beating on the field, so maybe the hacker decided to give Cam a bit of a break from an online pummeling as well.

UPDATE: The Panthers are still having issues regaining control of Cam’s Twitter.

Here’s some of the other tweets from “Cam”.

Via: For the Win
Via: For the Win

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