After Madison Bumgarner’s dominating performances in the World Series, there was little doubt who would win the Fall Classic’s MVP award following the final out on Wednesday night. But, just as it was appearing to be borderline impossible to steal Bumgarner’s October spotlight, the man who presented the Giants pitcher with the award became the true star.

Chevrolet entrusted Rikk Wilde, one of the brand’s regional zone managers, with the MVP presentation duties and – unlike Bumgarner – he couldn’t seem to keep his cool under pressure. The hefty Chevy employee battled a heavy flop sweat as he stumbled through his speech, huffing and puffing like he just sprinted around the bases.

The big kicker came when he presented Bumgarner with a brand new truck that came equipped with “technology and stuff.” I wonder if that comes standard?

Laugh all you want, guys…but Chevy just gained a ton of free publicity because this guy’s a nervous wreck. Makes you wonder if this was their master plan the whole time.

Plus, I’m pretty sure they just found an awesome new slogan.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.56.22 PM

(Video via Josh Gold-Smith)