Percy HarvinThe Seattle Seahawks finally figured out a permanent use for Percy Harvin on Friday, trading him to the New York Jets in exchange for a conditional draft pick — reportedly a second or fourth rounder. That haul (if it can be called such) is far less than what the Seahawks gave up for Harvin when they acquired him from the Minnesota Vikings in 2013. The Seahawks surrendered three draft picks — a 1st and 7th rounder in 2013, and a 3rd rounder in 2014 — to land the oft-injured speedster, and he promptly sat out all but one regular season game last year. He returned for the divisional round game against the New Orleans Saints and was promptly knocked out of that affair, causing him to miss the NFC Championship Game. Aside from his injuries, Harvin’s tenure in Seattle will be remembered mostly (if not only) for his kickoff return for a touchdown to open the second half of the Super Bowl.

Many people will point to that one play — perhaps partly in jest — as justification for acquiring Harvin, but the truth is, other than that, he really didn’t do much for them. The Super Bowl (which would have been a romp regardless of Harvin’s presence) return was all teams needed to know not to kick to him anymore, and Darrell Bevel’s unimaginative play calling, combined with a mediocre wide receiver corp that has trouble with downfield blocking, had rendered Harvin a relative non-factor. The one game he did get it going was the infamous Monday night game against the Redskins, in which Harvin had three touchdowns called back — twice due to penalties by offensive linemen, and once for his own infraction.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is already spinning about the reasons why the Seahawks parted ways so suddenly and so soon, and the common thread seems to be his attitude:

According to’s Ian Rapoport, the Seahawks had been quietly shopping Harvin:

Harvin’s now-former teammates also weighed in on the news:

Even Seattle’s finest Twitter account weighed in: