Shaquille O’Neal is currently in China with the Sacramento Kings, the team he owns (reportedly) between two and four percent of. The Kings are playing the Brooklyn Nets in two preseason exhibition games — one in Shanghai and one in Beijing. The owner of the Chinese Basketball Association’s Shanghai Sharks is Yao Ming, who is a very large human being. Shaq is also a very large human being. The two posed for a picture on Friday, which Shaq shared on Instagram. As you can see, Shaq looks pretty normal standing next to the 7-foot-6 Ming.

Now, if you’d like to see how current Rockets center Dwight Howard and other Rockets greats stack up to Yao, check out this photo from 2013, when Yao posed with Howard, Ralph Sampson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Elvin Hayes. Howard’s height has always been slightly inflated (he’s about 6’10”), and the same goes for Hakeem, so they look even smaller than Shaq. Sampson, however, was always listed at 7’4″, but even he appeared to give a few inches to Yao. But Sampson is a bean pole, so standing next to Yao makes him look that much smaller.

Yao Ming

The main takeaway here is that Yao Ming is a really, really big.