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You may remember earlier this month when the Edmonton Oilers gave us one of the funnier moments of the NHL preseason when their “swarm defense” tactics allowed a WIIIIIIDE open Nick Bonino to tee one up right in front of Edmonton’s net, scoring a short-handed goal.

Well, it appears that the Oilers didn’t really learned much from the preseason…or, you know, the past handful of abysmal seasons in Edmonton. Their defense is still amazingly bad, and they showed it early and often in their season opener against the Calgary Flames.

The most hilarious display came on Calgary’s fifth and final goal late in the third period. After allowing the Flames to enter the offensive zone on a three-on-one, all four Oilers skaters on the ice swarmed to the right post, leaving TJ Brodie all by his lonesome right in front of the net. Brodie wound up and drilled a slapper right past poor Ben Scrivens, who stood no chance.


As you can imagine, fans were not at all pleased with what they saw.