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Jon Stewart took aim at the NFL over how its handled the Ray Rice debacle and Stewart was on his absolute A-game.

Stewart starts at the very beginning, where TMZ released footage of Ray Rice dragging an unconscious Janay Palmer Rice out of an Atlantic City Hotel elevator and then he proceeds to methodically tear apart the NFL’s completely bungled response since the tape was made public.

That includes the incredibly weak two-game suspension, Goodell’s “strong” stance to up first-time offenses of domestic violence to six games, (“If you hit a woman, they won’t let you hit a man for six more weeks.”) to this week’s release of the tape which shows Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer Rice.

That’s where Stewart really let loose. The main sticking point that Stewart hammers on is why the NFL had to see the actual tape of Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer Rice to change Rice’s punishment from two-games to an indefinite suspension and why the NFL seemingly had no interest in trying to view the second tape. That’s not to mention the fact that a law enforcement source reportedly sent the video to the NFL’s office in April, despite Goodell’s insistence that the NFL’s office had never see the footage.

After such a thorough deconstruction of the NFL’s actions, Jon Stewart summed things up well; “You done fucked up.”