Warren Buffett made a visit to Floyd Mayweather’s gym on Tuesday. The two talked about finances and presumably other rich guy issues. The less context there is for this the better.

Mayweather wrote the following on his Instagram about the encounter between the man worth a ton of money and the man worth a shit ton of money:

“I had a great meeting with the $66.9 billion dollar man, Mr. Warren Buffett. We talked about how we could turn a $100 million of my assets to $1 billion. Mr. Warren Buffett is the original founder of The Money Team, he’s just one of my billionaire buddies.”

The two also took a selfie together. It was incredibly endearing.

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And one more which shows Warren in full workout gear.


Let’s be real. Warren Buffett travelling around to take seemingly random selfies with celebrities is yet another reason why Warren Buffett rules.

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