Shelly sterlingIf anyone in Los Angeles is planning to stake a claim as the Clippers’ #1 fan, well, too bad. Because Shelly Sterling is now — officially — the Clippers’ #1 fan, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, just how does one become the Clippers’ #1 fan? Easy, just sell them for $2 billion and start making demands. Being branded the #1 fan was just one of a list of requests Shelly made in her sales agreement with Steve Ballmer (which, according to Bloomberg, is now official). So, not only did she make out like a bandit on the sale, her presence — unlike her husband’s — will still be felt in Staples Center:

Up to 10 percent of the Los Angeles Clippers — or $200 million — will be spun off into a charitable foundation that Shelly Sterling will run. Under terms detailed in a court filing, Sterling also would retain the following perks:

  • 10 tickets in Sections 101 or 111 for all Clippers games in Los Angeles.
  • 2 courtside tickets for all Clippers games in Los Angeles. —6 parking spots in Lot C for each game.
  • 12 VIP passes including access to Lexus Club, Arena Club, or Chairman’s Lounge and media room or equivalent, for each Staples Game.
  • 3 championship rings following any Clippers title.
  • Titles of “Owner Emeritus” and “Clipper’s Number 1 Fan” for the rest of her life.