The Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom feud has really blown up over the last day.

Video had surfaced of Bloom attempting to punch Bieber at a restaurant in an Ibiza, Spain. And, surprisingly, it seemingly wasn’t just because Justin Bieber’s face is imminently punchable either. The two share a little bit of a history with Miranda Kerr. Bloom used to be married to her. Bieber reportedly partied with Kerr after a Victoria Secret’s fashion show.

Just so that it’s clear how small this world is, Bloom had also been spotted with Selena Gomez, Bieber’s old flame, earlier this year.

So, the guys clearly have some issues they need to work out. Luckily for Bieber, he had a body man handy:

After the “fight”, Bieber did what all young twenty year olds do when they’re confronted. He ran to his instagram and tried to “win” the social media war since he pretty much lost the face-to-face confrontation. But Bieber couldn’t even do that right. He posted a picture of Miranda Kerr (not even a personal one) and then quickly deleted it, perhaps because he was afraid that Bloom had the powers to punch Bieber through his phone.


He then posted a tweet to make it look like he was above it all:

But then Justin Bieber decided to post the following photo on his instagram because almost getting punched by Legolas must have really bothered the “Baby” singer:

Seriously dude, you almost got clowned by Orlando Bloom. Just let it go.

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