Either the Oakland Raiders are about to become the San Antonio Raiders, or Raiders owner Mark Davis is using San Antonio as a bargaining chip. I’m betting on the latter.

My San Antonio is reporting that Davis met with San Antonio officials regarding a potential move:

On July 18, Davis met with the officials, including Henry Cisneros, then-Mayor Julián Castro, City Manager Sheryl Sculley, Mario Hernandez of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, and both Richard Perez and David McGee, the president and chairman of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, respectively.”

The Oakland Raiders’ stadium lease in Oakland expires after the 2014-15 season. If the Raiders were to relocate, it seems the team would play in the Alamodome for a few seasons before getting a new venue.

It seems highly unlikely that it will come to this though. 24 of the league’s 32 owners would have to approve of the move. Considering Oakland boasts a much larger TV market than San Antonio, it’s tough to see 24 owners giving their consent.

But, say for a second the Raiders do move to San Antonio and join the San Antonio Spurs. That would have to be the biggest disparity in talent between two professional sports teams in the same city, right?

[My San Antonio]

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