NOTE: Stephen A. Smith has deleted his Twitter rant and has posted this message in its place. Luckily, you can still read the Tweets by simply scrolling down. However, because they are now deleted Tweets, the formatting is messed up. Thanks, Stephen A. Smith. 

After making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Stephen A. Smith is taking to Twitter to defend himself. And we should all feel bad. Because, as he puts it, he is “ANNOYED.”

So, as far as I can tell, this is what has happened:

    1. Stephen A. Smith says that women shouldn’t provoke men into beating them.
    2. Stephen A. Smith blames us for misinterpreting his comments.
    3. Stephen A. Smith never addresses his comments of “provocation.”
    4. Stephen A. Smith makes it clear he has never put his hands on a woman.
    5. Stephen A. Smith apologies to Michelle Beadle and any women who “misconstrued” what he said.
    6. Stephen A. Smith clearly lets us know he isn’t blaming women for anything.
    7. Stephen A. Smith ends his Twitter rant with an emphatic “period.”
    8. UPDATE: Stephen A. Smith deletes his Tweets.

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