There’s a widely held belief that says professional athletes of a particular sport could play another sport and beat amateurs with relative ease at that new sport. The San Diego Chargers provided a counterexample to that notion this offseason.

In Poway, Calif., members of the Chargers formed a rec-league softball team. Quarterback Philip Rivers was the team’s shortstop. Danny Woodhead and Eric Weddle played in the outfield and Nick Hardwick was pitching.

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But the Chargers had their struggles. Not only did the team finish in second place in the regular season, but they also failed to win when it counted the most — in the postseason. The team lost 21-5 in the first round.

Sound familiar, Charger fans?

The Wall Street Journal has a much more detailed recap that you should definitely read, but, if you’re looking for a moral to this story, it’s not that softball is harder than it looks. It’s this: The San Diego Chargers will never win in the postseason.

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