Richard ShermanThere’s a little media beef brewing in the Northwest these days, and — we hope you’re sitting down — it involves Richard Sherman. The outspoken Seahawks cornerback is not only in the news these days as the Madden cover boy, but also for how local media covered a very expensive recent purchase. Here’s a refresher: earlier this month, reports surfaced that Sherman had bought Jamal Crawford’s home in Maple Valley (about 30 miles southeast of Seattle). Multiple media outlets reported the $2.31 million purchase, including the Seattle Times, which made the decision to publish the address of the property.

As the No. 1 newspaper in the region, thousands of readers immediately became privy to the exact location of Sherman’s home. Many of those thousands of readers are also Seahawks fans, and, as with any fan base, there are some who may have a few loose screws. You can see where this is headed: Seahawks fans have made pilgrimages to Sherman’s abode, either seeking autographs or, as Sherman claims, to just “hang out”.

Sherman’s girlfriend even sent out a tweet on July 10th, four days after the sale closed, asking fans to stay away:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d also love to “hang out” at a 9,475-square foot palatial estate with an indoor pool and three outdoor water features (I have no idea what a “water feature” is, but it sounds like something for rich people). Hell, Richard doesn’t even have to be around. However, I am also not a psycho creeper Seahawks fan, thus I don’t have any care to hop in my car and make the aggravating 45 minute drive to Maple Valley just to say “what up” to Richard Sherman.

In response to the Times‘ original story, Sherman has taken it upon himself to participate in a one-man boycott of the publication. Of course, the whole notion of attacking one publication is silly, because all property ownership is public record, and other news outlets that reported the story linked to the Redfin listing — which, you know, has the address and property details. (Note: I didn’t link to it because I don’t want Richard Sherman to hate me, too)

Ultimately, it’s hard to take a side here, because everything about this is dumb. The Seattle Times for publishing the address. Seahawks fans stalking Sherman at his home. Sherman boycotting the Seattle Times for providing information that is readily available with a Google search (and was linked to by other media outlets).

In a related story, the NFL season needs to start. Like, tomorrow.