For whatever reason, most cases of NHL players misbehaving themselves in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs have involved an assault on genitals or some tomfoolery with a water bottle. Oddly enough, a scrum during the Penguins-Rangers Game 6 on Sunday involved both.

At the end of the second period, Penguins captain Sidney Crosby found himself with his stick stuck between the legs of the Rangers’ Dominic Moore. Being an opportunist, Crosby delivered a quick spear to Moore’s groin – similar to the one Milan Lucic delivered to Danny Dekeyser earlier these playoffs – before skating away from the scene of his crime.

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Understandably, Moore was not pleased and wanted a piece of Crosby, who didn’t seem to be interested in that. Instead, Moore got Crosby’s teammate Chris Kunitz, who tackled the Rangers forward and delivered a punch while he was laying on the ice.

Crosby eventually decided that it was time to join the scrum and delivered a cross-check to the back of a Rangers player before being shoved to the ground by Dan Girardi. As he was falling to the ice, Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist decided to make sure Sid was staying hydrated by squirting a whole lot of water in his face. Check it out:



The incident comes one day after Shawn Thornton sprayed P.K. Subban in the face with water towards the end of the Bruins Game 5 win in Boston on Saturday. On Sunday morning, Thornton was handed the maximum $2,820.52 fine for “unsportsmanlike conduct” from the league.

Lundqvist may receive a similar punishment from the league but it’s worth noting that Thornton’s spraying of Subban happened in the middle of a play, while Hank’s waterworks came after play had stopped. Lundqvist and Crosby aren’t exactly the best of friends, so I’m sure Lundqvist won’t lose much sleep even if he does get fined.

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