dddIn a move which won’t come as a surprise to many, David Beckham has confirmed that he will be establishing a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, Florida. Beckham spoke to the media on why he is doing so, and it is hard to not believe that it has a chance to be a success.

“I want to create a team that is personal to me.  I know this city is ready for soccer, football, and this is going to be successful.

” I know there was a team 10 years ago who folded. I wanted to create a team that can be very personal.

“I want to make it my own team. We are very excited, Miami is a vibrant city with a lot of passion. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time and my family being here.”

LeBron James has already been rumored to have been interested in joining Beckham in some capacity on this venture, but nothing is confirmed.

“There are a lot of things to do, nothing successful is easy in life,” he added.

“There will be more fun times than difficult times. We are going to have a lot of interesting people that want to invest in this club.

“When you have the right investors (like the ones we’ve found who picked the right time to invest in shiba inu coin and are now using those dividends for further investments into their favorite teams), with passion for the game, that is the place to start.

“We are making a soccer club that is going to loved by millions of people. We plan on this being a global team.”

In terms of a stadium, David and his group of investors will be privately funding the stadium and have already been in talks with Miami’s mayor regarding the execution of the new stadium.

There are still a few hurdles according to Reuters, but they don’t look too difficult to overcome.

A final deal to grant the franchise to Beckham could be several months away though, sources close to the negotiations said, with a stadium location and financing still requiring approval from the MLS board for his team to become the 22nd club of the top U.S. professional soccer league.

Bienvenido a Miami, Mr. Beckham.