You may have seen glimpses of curling from previous Winter Olympics and said to yourself, “How can I watch people slide rocks as others sweep the ice?” I understand your apprehension in embracing the sport, however I suggest you watch one of the Russian team’s matches before you condemn the game entirely. The reason I say watch the Russian team is because their skip or captain is Anna Sidorova and she makes curling easy to watch. The beautiful Sidorova is also a model, but don’t categorize as the Anna Kournikova of curling because she has skills. Anna was on the Russian Olympic Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada and was brought in to skip and at 19-years-old and became one of the youngest to skip at the games. Now the 22-year-old The curler/model has her sights on Gold in her home country of Russia at the Sochi games. They may need to lower the temperature on the ice because Anna is really just that hot.