Carlos Zambrano, most notable for being the fiery pitcher for the Chicago Cubs who used to break bats over his knees and start fights with his own teammates, was a noteworthy participant in a Venezuelan Winter League Finals brawl. And by participant, we mean slide-tackle-punching the opposing team’s starting pitcher while then roidishly flailing his arms about looking for his next fisticuffs opponent.

After failing to latch on with the Phillies last year upon signing a minor league contract, Zambrano took to the press to announce his rising maturity levels and participated in the Venezuelan Winter Leagues to prove it. Looks like that experiment lasted as long as Crystal Clear Pepsi. It’s fairly evident now that we’ve seen the last of Zambrano, but at the very least we got a lot of great stories out of it. It’s not everyday you go on the DL for instant messaging. Good luck in your future endeavors, Carlos.

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