Panthers 30- Jets 20

The Panthers bounced back after last weeks loss to the Saints to beat the Jets by ten. With the Saints loss this week the Panthers pull even in the NFC South with a match up against the Saints next week. With wins in the next two weeks the Panthers could win the Division and clinch a playoff bye after starting the season 1-3. The Panthers vs. Saints next week should be a southern dog fight that only Michael Vick could ever really be prepared for.

Packers 37- Cowboys 36

The Cowboys led 26- 3 at halftime and the Packers looked dismal. In the second half the Cowboys went away from the run and the Packers were perfect, scoring touchdowns on all five of their second half drives. At the end of the game, Tony Romo threw two interceptions, one while the Cowboys should have been running the ball to run out the clock, and the second to end the game and seal the Cowboys loss. We have not seen a comeback more unlikely and more impressive since Betty White.

Cardinals 37- Titans 34 (OT)

The Cardinals having won six out of their last seven games might be the next hottest team next to the Carolina Panthers, but unlike the Panthers, the Cardinals won in ugly fashion. The Cardinals gave up 17 points in the last 3:12 of regulation to the Titans who had no time outs left. Unfortunately for the Titans this comeback could only force overtime, where the Cardinals won on field goal after an interception. With the win, the Cardinals stay in the playoff hunt in the fiercely competitive NFC, so I do not think they mind that this win was uglier than Lyle Lovett in a Clay Matthews wig.

Rams 27- Saints 16

The Saints failed to clinch a playoff berth after Drew Brees threw interceptions in the first two possessions that led to Rams touchdowns. The Saints had to play catch up all day and never made it back into this game. The Saints opened the door for the Panthers to make a run at the division title, proving once and for all that chivalry lives on in the south.

Chargers 27- Broncos 20

Keenan Allen made some amazing plays and the Chargers dominated the time of possession as the Chargers upset the Broncos. The Broncos offense could not stay on the field and this time it was not because they were scoring touchdowns too quickly. With the win, the Chargers keep their playoff hopes just barely alive, kind of like the Fox show Almost Human, in that the Chargers playoff hopes are not being watched closely by very many Americans.

Vikings 48- Eagles 30

Even with Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart out of this game, the Vikings dominated the Eagles with strong play from Matt Asiata and Matt Cassel. In a tight playoff race, the Eagles must be kicking themselves after losing to a team they should have beaten. I realize they are all professionals and any given Sunday yada yada yada, but the Eagles losing to the team the Vikings put on the field on Sunday is like Alec Baldwin losing a Golden Globe to Billy Baldwin.

Steelers 30- Bengals 20

The Steelers jumped out to an early lead against their divisional rivals and never looked back. This win keeps the Steelers mathematically eligible for the playoffs, but their chances are slim. The Steelers playoff chances are similar to my chances when talking to a beautiful woman, technically it is possible but nobody not even me believes there is a real chance.

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